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Revitalizing Body, Soul & Spirit.. 

           Effie Aqui

Do you have a health challenge?   Can you picture yourself enjoying optimal health and feeling great about yourself?  Do you experience low self-esteem?  Are you frustrated with the way your life is going?   Would you like to turn your situation around with a positive outcome?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,  help is on the way.  I can help you  live freely and promote wellness in your body, soul and spirit. 

As your Certified Health Coach, my role would be to facilitate, support and empower you to achieve your best health and to encourage individuals in overcoming  health issues that have resulted from lifestyle choices and the effects of negative emotions.


I will share clearly defined knowledge  and skills  to help  you  mobilize internal strength, and also external resources for sustainable changes, that can help you achieve your self-determined optimal health goals.   I will  create a plan that would address your specific health goals,  provide you with scientifically proven methods for achieving your best health and  empower you to get results that will have you feeling "HealthyAtLast!".  

My holistic approach to health addresses body, soul and spirit. Attention would be paid to  coping with life stresses, addressing life's negative experiences,  renewing your supernatural spirit and finding deeper purpose in life.

What You Can Expect

Acquire health skills for achieving your best health.
Get a grip on your relationship with food.
Discover how taking simple steps can improve your state of wellness.
Get your body in a good state of health.

SOUL (Mind, Emotions, Will)
Remove the feeling of having to settle for your present state in life.
Feel more motivated as you understand what your body is saying to you. 
Understand why you feel stressed and what you can do about it.
Overcome negative emotions and experience deep inner healing.  

Understanding  the Body, Mind and Spirit connection.
Experience the supernatural power of healing . 

Please email (below) or phone to arrange for your desired service.

If you have any questions, I look forward to hearing from you .
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