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My name is Effie Aqui.! 

I'm all about How We Live, How  We Move, How We Think, How We Eat!

My Health Journey

My search for improving my personal health began some thirty five years ago.  It turned out to be a process  of awareness and education  about the impact of lifestyle,  nutrition,  exercise  and attitude on my  state of health.  I had been through four major surgeries and was put on medication which affected me in many negative ways.

I became desperate to get off prescription drugs and started researching ways that would help me in this decision.  That's when I discovered a whole new world of alternatives existed and my journey to wholeness began.  I also discovered how stress impacted my health and even though it was a struggle to better manage stressful situations in my life, I survived by making some necessary changes.  Along the way, I made significant changes to my lifestyle: exercise became a critical part of my routine however it was my dietary changes that made the difference  to my health.  It was during that time that I developed the discipline needed to set health goals and achieve them.  Food sure had a significant impact on my health. 

As you can imagine, my journey was full of  "ups and downs".   After years of persistence,  I saw the difference in my body: how I moved, how I felt and  how I looked.  I became fascinated by the Human body and its ability to heal itself, given the right conditions.  Once I experienced the results I was having,  I became  passionate about helping others achieve their best health. 

After a 30-year career in Banking, I began by managing and operating a Health Spa for seven years.  During that time I experienced beautiful moments of the human body responding to therapy such as Reflexology, Thai Massages, Infrared Heat treatments, Foot Detox, and the fascinating response to Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  However at the core of my discoveries was the fact that people generally needed inspiration and motivation as well as  "know how" to move their state of health to the next level.  HealthyAtLast is now here to fulfill that need!

My Spiritual Journey

My spiritual journey began in 1985 when I experienced the powerful move of the Holy Spirit through the Charismatic Movement.  I was overwhelmed by changes I experience when I became aware of the deep love God has for me. I discovered the impact of unforgiveness on my health  and my life in general.  Even though I had been in and out of church for over ten years, the feeling of God's presence never left me.  Today I am pursuing a personal relationship with God and I allow my life decisions to be led by His Holy Spirit. As a result I am on an amazing journey of discovering my true purpose in life.  I believe in the power of prayer but I also believe that God expects me to pursue His wisdom in taking the best care of our body, the Temple of His Holy Spirit. I have had many miraculous moments of God's healing and protection and I believe His heart is to bring each of us into wholeness in Body, Soul and Spirit.

My Desire

My greatest desire is to work with people who are ready to "add years to their life, and life to their year".  Having been through my own transformation, I am happy to walk alongside anyone who is ready to make such changes.  I really just want to help  others in their  journey to achieving optimal health, and to encourage them in a spiritual journey of knowing and experiencing God's healing and wholeness.

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