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What are Toxic Emotions?

Toxic Emotions result from traumatic experiences you have gone through either during childhood or as an adult. Such experiences can occur even in your mother's womb or as a baby.  The body stores such trauma in the cells of the body and remains as memories in the subconscious mind.

Have you ever noticed that under given circumstances in your life, you react in a negative manner which affects your mood and your relationships?

You will agree that these are some experiences we would rather not have had.  You may have had experiences that make you feel sorrowful, depressed, hopeless or even low self-esteem.  These are some of the wide range of negative emotions that become trapped within us and show up when we least expect.

Toxic emotions are oftentimes the source of emotional pain, relational difficulties, and physical illness.  By releasing toxic emotions, you will come into a place of rest for your soul and health for your body.  Releasing toxic emotions allows you to deal with deep-seated negative emotions which impact your health, your mind, and your spirit growth. 

The technique used in releasing toxic emotions, involves prayerful application of therapeutic-grade essential oils which help you  achieve deep inner healing from negative memories and promotes wholeness. 

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